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The Hampstead Heath Governess

Interview with a British nanny turned Governess who has been in the profession for 14 years and is currently based in Hampstead, London.

1.What are the rules and qualification for working as a governess?
Qualifications are great but experience is more important.

2.What is it like being a nanny?
So rewarding to be part of bringing up the future adults of the world. You have such an influence on your charges and its so important to make a positive impact.

3.What is the best part of your role?
When the child/children really start to trust you, confide in you and love you. Its very special to be able to connect with children on a different level.

4.What is the worst part of your role?
When the parents undermine you.

5.Are the children spoilt?
Sometimes, but not always. when they are its important to make them realise how lucky they are.

6.What are the common misconceptions of being a nanny?
That it is easy and not a real job.

7.Do you have any key tips or advice for people getting into the profession?
Be patient about finding the right family. You might need to go through a few families to find the right one.

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