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Interested In The Real Truths About Dan Helmer?

Latest Major Action: House – Defined the Committee on Small Business. (May twelve, 2021) Introduced on Apr 202.2477: To for ever reform the guidelines governing the regulation of particular synthetic cannabinoids. One of the notable aspects of Helmer’s work is the focus of his on making sure that veterans get the benefits they have generated. He has been a vocal advocate for streamlining the procedure for veterans to access their positive aspects, reducing bureaucratic hurdles which usually very often delay or even complicate the delivery of services.

His efforts include things like pressing for better coordination between state and federal agencies, making it much easier for veterans to get around the device and get timely assistance. Ellmore announced last month that if elected he would oppose the confirmation of Donald Trump Jr. Former state lawmaker Kathleen Murphy D is in addition running. He also wishes to switch President Trump in with former Vice President Joe Biden.

Wexton explained she wasn’t elected to “doball,” but to “take care of individuals. The nominee lists the National Popular Vote compact as a priority, but Wexton has focused much of the focus of her on problems which are other. The 7th is one of the seven battleground districts President Barack Obama received in both and, but in Trump carried it by points. A PAC backing Ellmore very last year launched an advertising campaign against Wexton, whom served in the military during the Gulf War, for her response to constituents’ concerns over federal gun policy.

GPO Member Guide for the picture. The House and Senate internet sites, for committee membership and voting records. The information on this page is originally sourced from a range of content, including: unitedstates/congress-legislators, a local community project gathering congressional info. A expenses to provide individuals with Alzheimer’s utilization of promising treatments moved through Helmer’s committee in December 2. Helmer voted in April 2024 against granting fast track trade negotiating authority on the Trans Pacific Partnership free-trade agreement.

The agency had run out of money in 2024 to completely fund broadband projects. The Energy and Commerce Committee was one of the committee leaders for climate change legislation during the 112th Congress. The bill became law on March 15, two. The FCC regulates the telephone and tv networks. In September 2024, the House Energy and Commerce Committee approved a measure to reauthorize the Federal Communications Commission to regulate the web and oversee consumer broadband services. Helmer has also supported costs to broaden exploration in the vicinity of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

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