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The diary of a Nanny

What is it like being a nanny?
Well, I absolutely love it, you get to live and be in a different world entirely, I have traveled quite a lot being a nanny and governess, and been paid to do so. as an example, last year I went as a nanny  to EuroDisney, we went and had the VIP experience meaning we did not have to que for any rides and we were in front of the red ropes for the fireworks display at the castle at the end of the night. I also got to go on every single ride, as we went with the entire family, meaning when the children were not big enough to go on a ride, they would stay with their grandparents and I was free to do as I pleased!

What is the best part of your role?
Oh definitely the children for sure, I’m a big kid myself and absolutely love working with them, and secondly the experiences, working within a private household, there are various levels of wealth and it becomes difficult to explain the sorts of things I see or deal with on a daily basis, to people who are not used to working as private staff. As an example people seem to be shocked when they discover in most of my positions as a Governess I am not required to cook for the children as the chef does, and it is quite nice being cooked for by a chef on a daily basis myself!

What is the worst part of your role?
When you views and values clash with the parents, thats definitely the worst part of my job. It could be something so simple like they do not agree with the meal plan for the week, or something less trivial such as ways of discipline, sometimes you only discover these differences a little down the line and it becomes increasingly difficult to manage and get along with. 

Are the children spoilt?
Some really are, don’t get me wrong I have had some horrors, and then some are absolutely normal and totally amazing lovely, loving children. I have had to explain a number of times to various ages that it is not ‘normal’ procedure to have a nanny, or to pay such an amount of money for private school. 

What are the common misconceptions of being a nanny?
I absolutely hate it when you tell somebody you are a nanny, and they say, oh your a babysitter. NO! this is a full time, very intensive position of absolute trust I am in. Plus, it can be a lot of hard work, I work 12 hours per day 5 sometimes 6 days per week. I wish people would give us more respect and understanding of our job.

Do you have any key tips or advice for people getting into the profession?
Well of course you have to love children for starters, I find it incredible how many people just naturally don’t like or just don’t know how to deal with them!I come from a family with too many cousins to count, and I was always in charge of the kids whenever we had a family gathering or party, then when I was 18 I went to a summer camp in the states as a kids counsellor  and had the most incredible time of my life, and it all stemmed from there. I also think it is important to be honest about what you are good at, and bad at, you also have to be good with people and very organised. 

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