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The flying Au Pair

My first ever job as an au pair, when I started out 15 years ago, was unbelievable, I still to this day do not know why they needed somebody, or what they wanted in an Au Pair.

It all started when my parents drove me down to Kent, I was only 19 at the time, the house was absolutely stunning, it was designed by the parents themselves and made up entirely of wood and glass, set on 7 acres of land. To this day, and I have worked for some of the richest people in the world, it is my favourite house. The ‘job’ per-say, was supposed to involve me taking the 7 year old to school in the morning then picking her up, however the parents did not ever insure me on their cars. I was basically paid to hang around the house and eat their food. I had no duties. A couple of days in, the Dad called up to me and asked me if i was bored, I replied well actually yes, there is nothing to do, he says well i am going to the airfield to fly, would you like to join me? YES I WOULD LIKE TO JOIN YOU!!! The next thing I know, I am up in the air in an aerobatics plane going upside down and everything!! This was the beginning of a new hobby i picked up from the first instance, I was hooked on flying. I went on and continued with a few lessons with the dad, after I left this family to move on to London (to do some actual work) I kept up with the lessons in Aylesbury, Bucks and I now have my PPL (Personal Pilots License) it just goes to show that you never know what is around the corner, who you may meet, and what experiences there are up for grabs when you work in the private industry and for private households.

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